Edgar L. Page is originally from Detroit, MI where he began his dance training through the Detroit Public Schools system and is a proud graduate of Lewis Cass Technical High School. He furthered his dance studies at the Alvin Ailey School and the Liz Lerman Dance Exchange before earning his BA in Dance from Western Michigan University as a Wade H. McCree, Jr. and Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholar. Upon graduation, Mr. Page spent a season with the Dayton Contemporary Dance Second Company before joining the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble for nearly a decade. Touring domestically and internationally as a principal member of the company, he was featured in the works of Gary Abbott, Baba Chuck Davis, Katherine Dunham, Rennie Harris, Millicent Johnnie, Ray Mercer, Milton Myers, Eleo Pomare, David Rousseve, JeanGuy Saintus, Rosangela Sylvestre, Nejla Yatkin and others. Additionally, he performed lead male and soloist roles choreographed by Alvin Ailey, Christopher Huggins, Donald McKayle, Jeffrey Page, Roger Jeffrey, and Cleo Parker Robinson.

With a graceful prowess, Mr. Page has since shifted his focus to curating his own work while enriching young creatives. Establishing Edgar L. Page: Feel the Movement in June of 2018, he utilizes this intersectional, multigenerational movement arts initiative to explore the universal pursuits of love and happiness in an era marked by the continual morphing of intimacy due to technology. Page has been named a Creativity Connects Fellow, a City of Denver Cultural Partner, an Imagine 2020 Grantee, and the first recipient of the Presenting Denver Audience Favorite Award resulting in being named the Artist in Residence for the 2020 Presenting Denver Dance Festival.

Artistic Statement

My creative process cultivates socially motivated work that interweaves techniques (Horton, Dunham, Graham, ballet, and Jazz), athleticism, and the Africanist Aesthetic of Cool to inform a contemporary vernacular-infused style. Reflecting upon what is happening in the world, I interrogate social issues and phenomena through lush movement tapestries. Currently, I am intrigued by society’s obsession with individuality/independence and how this leaves many seeking deeper connections. In this, my focus has become crafting multi-dimensional dance narratives about the pursuit of love and happiness in this era where intimacy continues to morph due to technology.

I enter the creative process looking at the dancers as collaborators. I shape and reshape pre-made movement phrases on them, seeking to amplify their physicality throughout the work. Open dialogue is fostered within a safe space where every voice has validity. By allowing freedom during the exploration phase, dancers are encouraged to find their authenticity within a narrative; constructing emotional landscapes that mirror reality. Negating thematic and physical abstractions, I view dancers as real people having real human experiences in real time. Thus, the emotionality inherit within each movement is utilized to underscore colliding truths with compassion, credence and awareness.

My upbringing has also greatly impacted my approach. As a Detroit Native, I am heavily influenced by the “Motown Sound.” My affinity shapes how I choose music and interpret musicality, as well as how I develop choreographic phrasing. I allow the music to serve as an unofficial narrator, informing the mood and observations of life I am investigating within the work.

When all these elements combine, my intention is simply to foster understanding and education through the art. I guide dancers with candor and heart towards expressing their souls. At my core I’m just a kid from Detroit who wants to uplift communities through dance.

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